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Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Reforms

The procedure for the handling and settlement of claims of this nature is changing in respect of claims arising from accidents occurring on or after 31st July 2013, in an attempt to reduce both the associated legal costs and speed of settlement of these claims.

These reforms have been implemented by the Ministry of Justice with the intention of reducing the legal costs associated with such claims overall. This will be of benefit to Insurers and ultimately to all policyholders, as reduced claims costs will help to reduce premiums.

However, these new rules require strict compliance not only by Insurers, but policyholders as well, so you need to be aware of what is expected of you.

Please click on the links below to download a copy of the Claims Notification Form or to review the Factsheet:

Claims Form Notification (PL)
Claims Form Notification (EL)
Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Reforms Factsheet