No Green Card required for driving in EU countries after 2nd August 2021

It’s good news for anyone looking to drive in EU countries from 2nd August 2021! After this date, motor insurance policyholders will no longer be required to carry a Green Card when travelling to or through a country that’s a member of the EU or has agreed to follow the EU Directive.

To recap… with the advent of Brexit, in January we were advising all our motor policyholders looking to drive in the EU that it was essential to carry a Green Card. Basically, this is a printed certificate (on green or white paper) confirming you have appropriate insurance in place.
Now, as from 2nd August 2021, the UK will be part of the ‘Free Circulation Area’, which means a Green Card will no longer be a requirement for driving in EU countries.
To allow sufficient time for the agreement to filter across the European borders, some insurers will continue to issue Green Cards for peace of mind for a temporary period. So, if you’re driving in the EU up to 2nd August 2021, you’ll still need to carry a Green Card with you. After that time, it’s no longer a requirement.
Please remember, when travelling you’ll need to carry a hard copy - an electronic copy or email is unacceptable.
What will I need after 2nd August?

Although you won’t need a Green Card after 2nd August, you’ll still need to take your Certificate of Motor Insurance with you, as evidence that you are insured. So, from 2nd August, you’ll need to carry:

  • a valid Certificate of Insurance
  • your UK driving licence
  • a GB sticker in your vehicle
  • a UK passport valid for at least six more months 

Countries that remain outside the Free Circulation Area and will still require a Green Card after 2nd August 2021 include: Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia.
If you have any queries regarding driving in EU countries - for example, if you require clarification as to which are participating EU countries and which aren’t - please get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise.

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